The Benefits of Karate

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        Many people envision Karate and the martial arts as they are depicted in the movies. Nothing could be further from the truth. Karate is not about prolonged violent fighting scenes where people are being maimed and killed!!! Karate is not about violence at all. It is about respect, confidence, control of oneself, and humility.

        Many parents are choosing Karate for their children over the traditional recreational activities. A child is allowed to develop at his or her own pace. The goals that they achieve are all their own, not as part of a team effort. Training instills mental and physical discipline necessary for a healthy adult life. They are participating in a stimulating environment which the child can have fun and learn to interact with others.

        Adults also benefit greatly from training. The physical conditioning alone counteracts physical deterioration, increases flexibility, relieves stress, and helps counter weight problems. All vital muscle groups are strengthened and toned including the heart. Self-defense is a major part of training as well as the psychological aspects of being assaulted on the street.

        Self-esteem is achieved by feeling good about your accomplishments. Students are encouraged to do their best every step of the way. Karate boosts self-esteem for the less than confident and can be a humbling experience for the 'I Know Everything' type of person.

        People join Karate for many different reasons. There is a lot more to training than just learning self-defense techniques. There is also more to training than blocking, punching and kicking drills of which there are many. Whether you join because of movie theatrics, physical or mental conditioning, the camaraderie of a club atmosphere, self-defense, or just to get out of the house, there is absolutely nothing as well-rounded as Karate training!!!

Physical Benefits include:

 Mental Benefits include:

        One last benefit I would like to mention is that of setting goals.  We live in a goal-setting, achievement-oriented society. Without goals we have no direction in life. Students are promoted often and are encouraged to set and attain their own Short and Long Term Goals. Achieving these goals are incredible confidence boosters. The one long term goal that all students have is to achieve their black belt. I tell every student that if they work hard and never give up, they will achieve the goals they set. This also contributes to good character building and the life skills needed to succeed in today's world!!!
Hanshi Lou DeAdder


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