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Shihan Chris

1. Full Name:    Christopher Lewis (Chris) DeAdder

2. Rank:    Rokudan (6th Degree Black Belt)

3. Where were you born (city/province/country):   Ajax, Ontario, Canada

4. Significant events in your life (which you may consider good or bad, but changed you for the better):

Joining Karate
My fiancé Jodie and our kids Devan & Alisha
My career at CIBC
Obtaining my Grade 12 diploma
Cooking out in the hot summer sun roofing with my Uncle Steve
My nephew Daniel
Teaching at the Karate School - makes you do a lot of self-evaluation

Chris DeAdder

5. People who motivated you, or helped you arrive at this point in your life (now):

Jodie Rieger - my fiancé
Kim Barnes - my sister
Dolly and George Goddard - my grandparents
Great Grandma Ballard
Uncle George
Aunt Jude
Peter Zavrel - a great teacher
Stan Piersma
Patrick Davis and all my friends at CIBC who have helped along the way

6. Why did you begin and what you have learned from studying the martial arts:

A. To learn Self-Defence and because my dad was always after me to join
B. Discipline and Self-Defence

7. Philosophy you live by:    To be the best I can be

8. Advice which may help others in their martial arts training:

Always give it all you have and train hard

9. What are your future goals:

Obtain my Black Belt (achieved and working harder than ever)
Operate an F.K.S.A. Karate School (currently running the Oshawa and Whitby schools)
Be successful in the stock market (working on it)

Chris DeAdder

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