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        The following questions have been asked over and over again by those of you inquiring about our schools. If you have a question that is not listed here, please let me know, I would be glad to answer them for you. Thank-you.

Hanshi Lou DeAdder

Q:    What is the difference between Karate and TaeKwonDo?
A:    Karate (Empty Hand) is a Japanese/Okinawan martial art that utilizes 50% hand techniques and 50% kicking techniques. TaeKwonDo (Way of the Hand and Foot, sometimes referred to as Korean Karate) is a Korean martial art that more emphasizes kicking techniques.

Q:    Can individuals join your Karate schools or just families?
A:    Our schools are open to individual and family memberships alike.

Q:    What style of Karate do you teach?
A:    We teach an open style of traditional Japanese/Okinawan Karate called 'Kazoku Kai.' This translates to 'The Association of Family.' Some have asked what style of the older traditional styles would Kazoku Kai compare to - the answer to this is that Kazoku Kai is distantly and loosely based on Shito-Ryu (we have no affiliation with any Shito-Ryu organization).

Q:    How long will it take to master Karate?
A:    A student will begin to acquire essential skills after only a few classes. It takes many years to master Karate but important lessons are learned every step of the way.

Q:    How long will it take to get my Black Belt?
A:    It takes an average of 4 years for an adult to attain Black Belt level and a little longer for children. You cannot achieve your Black Belt until you are a minimum 16 years old although younger students may become Junior Black Belts (Black Belt with a White Stripe down the center) at an earlier age.

Q:    Karate looks like a violent, aggressive activity. Will my child be more prone to fighting if they join your school?
A:    A popular myth is that Karate is violent and aggressive. This is mainly due to television and the movies. On the contrary, Karate subdues the overly aggressive, hyperactive child and draws out the more passive, introverted child. This pertains also to adults.

Q:    I feel as if I am too old to start Karate. Don't you have to be young and strong to begin training?
A:    You can start training at any age. Everyone works at their own level. This is true no matter what belt you attain. Safety is our number one concern!

Q:    My child is already very energetic and I am afraid that he or she will use these newly acquired skills to hurt someone. What do you do about this?
A:    Proper ethics are taught at all Family Karate Schools. Students are taught never to practice on their brother, sister, neighbour, and especially on anyone in the school yard. Karate is for self-defense, not fighting. The very last thing a student should do is enter into a physical confrontation. If they can talk their way out of a situation or get away then they should do so.

Q:    What are your class times and locations?
A:    Please refer to the Class Times and Locations page of this web site.

Q:    My son/daughter is very nervous about joining. Can parents stay and watch during class?
A:    Parents are encouraged to stay and watch.

Q:    Do I have to sign a contract?
A:    No contracts! There is a registration form that must be filled out that states the student's name and address, length of registration, and a liability waiver. This is also used as your receipt. Please note there is no registration form on this web site - you must sign up at one of our schools.

Q:    Are there any religious connotations in your style of Karate?
A:    None!

Q:    How are your classes structured?
A:    The first half of class (30-45 minutes) is for warm-up exercises, strength building  (push-ups, sit-ups etc.), stretching for flexibility, activities promoting agility, listening, balance, co-ordination and concentration skills, as well as games to make training fun. We take a break for about 5 minutes and the second half of class is devoted to basic and advanced Karate techniques.

Q:    How long have you been training?
A:    My name is Lou DeAdder and I have been training since the early 1980's. I hold an internationally recognized 8th Degree Black Belt and am the head instructor of the Family Karate Schools Association. I am also the Canadian National Director of S.R.M.A.A. - Seishin Ryu Martial Arts Association.

Sensei Lou

Q:    How many instructors are there per class?
A:    On average there are 5 or more instructors per class.

Q:    I have trained at club X and have attained belt Y. If I join your school can I keep my same rank?
A:    All members start in our schools as White belts. The only exception to this is for Black belts. You are required to wear a white belt for 1 month. This is an evaluation period after which time it will be decided which belt you may wear in our organization.

Q:    How are your belt levels structured?
A:    Our belt levels are: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown, and Black. We also have a Junior Black Belt rank (under the age of 16). Junior Black Belts wear a Black Belt with a White Stripe down the center.

Q:    My son or daughter has problems with bullies at school. Will joining your Karate school help them in this area?
A:     Periodic discussions are held to identify any problems students may be having in this area. Specific solutions are formulated to help students deal with these situations.

Q:    Can I come in and just watch a class to see what you do?
A:    Spectators are welcome anytime.

Q:    Do you offer any Specials?
A:    We sure do - check out our Current Special!

Q:    What are your fees and terms?
A:    Please call or email for our current fees and terms!!

Q:    When do classes begin and how do I sign up?
A:    Classes are ongoing. We run our programs year-round, even through the summer. Students can sign up at any class, any time during the year - this of course depends on availability - our schools are absolutely full at various times of the year. All you have to do is come down at the designated Class Times to register - a phone call or e-mail first to check on available space would be recommended. You can also come down any time to watch a class and talk to us then (please introduce yourself)!!

        Please feel free to call me anytime - 7 days a week - at 905-430-4721 or at 1-800-691-3858. I would love to hear from you!!!

Hanshi Lou DeAdder

For more information please contact Hanshi Lou DeAdder


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