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Kazoku Kai - The Association of Family

Established 1994


        The Family Karate Schools Association (F.K.S.A.) is headed by Hanshi Lou DeAdder, 8th Dan (8th Degree Black Belt). We currently have one school operating:  Oshawa. We study a traditional open style of Japanese/Okinawan Karate called 'Kazoku Kai ' - this translates to 'The Association of Family.'

        As our name suggests, we cater to a family-oriented environment. Membership is open to individuals and family's alike - classes are all ages (starting at 7 years and up). This allows for parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends and relatives to train together. There aren't many activities that offer this kind of opportunity!!!

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Grand Re-Opening Special - $99.00


 2 Months of Classes plus a Uniform and Student Manual

Call or email today to register - Limited Enrollment

905-430-4721   or   1-800-691-3858

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Physical Fitness, Weight Loss, Self Defense, Respect, Discipline, Motivation

All Ages Classes - Adults, Teens, Children (starting at age 7)

Fees and Terms - please call or email for our current Fees and Terms!

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Sensei Lou and Daniel                         Sensei Lou and Daniel
Hanshi with grandson Daniel - a future Karateka (student of Karate)!!!

Character-Building Aspects of Karate

        We develop traits such as:

    Respect -  for parents, family, friends, police, teachers and self-respect

    Confidence  -  through encouragement and the setting of short and long term goals

    Self-Esteem - feeling good about yourself and your accomplishments

    Discipline - functioning within the structured environment of Karate which carries over to the student's everyday life


Benefits of Training

        Training involves increased physical fitness, mental awareness, attention span, flexibility, agility, balance, listening skills, and learning to handle confrontations. Self-Defense is taught every step of the way. A physical confrontation is the last resort for our students. Our motto is:

'Confidence is knowing you do not have to fight'

           Students also receive a FREE Student Manual upon joining which lists the requirements from White Belt to Black Belt. This is a great way for students to track their progress!!!


        The ability to motivate your students can spell the difference between success and failure to a school. We at Family Karate Schools realize this fact and as a result have many short and long term  G O A L S  for students to work towards.

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For more information contact:

                       Mailing Address:                                              Phone:

                    Hanshi Lou DeAdder                                         1-905-430-4721
                    Family Karate Schools Association                   Toll Free: 1-800-691-3858
                    1012 Centre Street South                               
                    Whitby, Ontario
                    L1N 4X6
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